1976 - 1977. What does Yves Lasne make?
His interest for the homoeopathic dilutions results from several factors:
- on the one hand, the observation of therapeutic effects of the homeopathic medicines surprising by their power and their speed in pathological cases where years of failure of the allopathic medicine had often preceded their administration,
- on the other hand, a definitive scientific interest for the “out of beaten trails" and, probably, the latent factors.

In the years 1976-1977, he undertook some tests of hahnemannian dilutions of radioelements that he had at his disposal because of his professional activity. The results of the measures of radioactivity of the gotten solutions were negative in this sense that the radioactive signal became undetectable since the first dilutions (5 CH).

1982. The big actions begin.
The permanent contact with many colleagues of various disciplines permitted him as early as 1982 to have access to two new technics of investigation:
- the nuclear magnetic resonance (NMR)
- the infrared spectrometry

In May 1983, some homeopathic preparations, Lavendula and Potassium iodide, bought in the shop in aqueous and alcoholic solutions, were used for the first tests. First of all, the two methodologies differentiated these preparations from the water and the alcohol (well beyond the 5th CH) and, besides, raised in evidence the differences of signals between sets of solutions corresponding to different substances, and between different dilutions of a given substance. The same solutions were measured several times with persistence of the differences of signals. Two methods permitted finally to approach the "phenomenon" of the homeopathic preparations.

1985. The first scientific publications.
These publications include notably:

Lasne Y., Duplan J.C, Mallet J.J., Bonmartin A., Fenet B, Briguet A. et Delmau J. Mise en évidence de variations de temps de relaxation T2 de solutions "homéopathiques” (dynamisées-diluées), 1er congrès du G.R.A.M.M. (Groupe de Recherche sur les Applications du Magnétisme en Médecine), Lyon, 20-21 Septembre 1985.

Lasne Y., Duplan J.C et Mallet JJ. Mise en évidence de signaux physiques émanant de solutions diluées-dynamisées ou "homéopathiques", 2ème Bulletin du M.TS. (Medical Telematic System), Ed. Centre Européen d'Informatique et d’Automation, Lacenas, France, Décembre 1985.

Lasne Ph. Propriétés des solutions "homéopathiques", mesure de la relaxation magnétique T2, Thèse pour le diplôme de doctorat en Pharmacie, Lyon, France, 27 0ctobre 1986.

Lasne Y. , Duplan J.C , Fenet B et Guerin A. Contribution à l'approche scientifique de la doctrine homéopathique, De Natura Rerum, 3, 38-43, 1989.

1993. The big retrospective of 10 years of efforts.
The quality of the Nuclear Magnetic Resonance measures, work realized under the supervision of J.C. Duplan, physicist specialist of the N.M.R technology, director of the hertzian spectroscopy center of the Lyon1 university, is remarkable, and these measures constitute the base of a fantastic article written by Yves Lasne and published in 1993 in De Natura Rerum (Number 2, June 1993, Vol 7):

CHAPTER I: Why am I interested in homeopathy ?
CHAPTER II: Homeopathic preparations reproducibility and specificity
CHAPTER III: In-depth NMR study of dilutions
CHAPTER IV: Importance of the homeopathic solutions preparation protocol
CHAPTER V: The role of oxygen
CHAPTER VI : Analogy with fractals
CHAPTER VII : Postulated model of action for homeopathic solutions

1994. Arrival of other partners. Extension of Yves Lasne’s works
Yves Lasne had used, at the time, all resources of the corpus of science and had made a model based on his results while using the fractal geometry, fractal approach that offered a way permitting the best knowledge of the chaotic phenomena. However, numerous experiences could not be interpreted by this approach.

In 1993 three authors (Rolland R. Conte, Henri Berliocchi and Hans Georg Andras) publish a book titled:
“New Theoretical Economy” in which they introduce a new statistical tool to interpret the chaotic signals that are numerous in economy: stock market values, price of raw materials,... (publisher: Economica, Paris, France).

The putting into practice of a statistics named by Henri Berliocchi" contonian" permitted to read the chaotic phenomena better while reaching a superior level of the phenomenon. Henri Berliocchi presented this approach in his book;
"Theory of the Ethers" published by Economica in 1994.
At that time, Henri Berliocchi asked Rolland Conte how to approach, with the help of mathematics and tools developed for the economy, the mystery of life and the related processes of ageing. Finally the interaction of "nothing" with the living (animal, plant..) but producing some effects has been chosen: homoeopathic dilutions that, from the viewpoint of the chemistry don't contain any molecule from a certain dilution level (11 to 12 CH).

The first applications of the contonian statistics to the properties of high dilutions have been presented in 1993 by. R.R. Conte and H. Berliocchi, to the GIRI, in the frame of the 7th Symposium held Montpellier on Novembre 20-21,1993 in a lecture titled: Physico-Mathematical Interpretation of the Pharmacological effect of high dilutions.
Remanent Wave, Contonian Appearances (Conton). This lecture has been published later in the magazine “Cahier de Biothérapie N° 126 - Février/Mars 1994" (Edition Similia S.A.).

1994. How did the link take place with Yves Lasne? What have been the continuations of the work?
Having chosen to study the homeopathic dilutions, R.R. Conte and H. Berliocchi searched in the literature publications about their impact on the living, but also and more especially, measures of the physical properties of these "strange" homeopathic dilutions. Thanks to the efforts of Mrs Genevieve Buxin and Mr. Pierre Dorfman of the Dolisos laboratories, they came across the publication of Yves Lasne in De Natura Rerum (Number 2, June 1993, Vol. 7).

The continuations were the interpretation of hundreds of experiences achieved by Yves Lasne between 1983 and 1993 but having not be interpreted through lack of mathematical tools.

As early as this year, a publication was presented to the GIRI, in the frame of the 8th meeting held in the Hadassah Hospital Mount Scopus, 10-12 December 1994. Jerusalem, Israel : Correspondance between Hahnemanian and Korsakovian Preparations of NO3H analyzed in N.M.R with the Cotonian Statistic

1996. Publication of: Theory of High Dilutions & Experimental Aspects.
Theory of High Dilutions & experimental Aspects. (Summary)

After 3 years of almost silence, because he had finished his work at the time of the large publication in 1993, Yves Lasne presented his works interpreted with the new tools, the contonian statistics and the Theory of the Ethers. On December 7, 1996, in the Novotel Bercy, in the frame of a conference organized by the CEIA, Yves, in the name of the 3 other authors presented in French:


1997. Contacts with the Bio-mathematical’s world:
As expressed by Ernst Cassirer in “Substance and Function” (1923. New edition by Dover Publication Inc. New York): What we demand and expect of a scientific concept, first of all, is this: that, in the place of original indefiniteness and ambiguity of ideas, it shall institute a sharp and unambiguous determination”.

The mathematical model developed in the frame of the Theory of High Dilutions meets these requirements and a lecture has been given in Alicante in 1997:

Impossible measures, Contonian appearances. First congress of mathematical model and methods applied to biology and medicine. Alicante 30 June 2 July, 1997. Henri Berliocchi.

2000. Publication of:
Theory of High Dilutions. Application to Life.
International Conference. "Energies of Humans and Earth" St Petersburg, 11-17 July 2000,

KIRLIAN’EFFECT: “QUANTUM MIRAGE” Yves Lasne, Henri Berliocchi, Rolland R. Conte

Impossible measures, Contonian appearances. Interpretation of the effects of high dilutions by building the Feynman measure in the real numbers of Levy and in the Solvay theory. Kybernetes, Vol 29, N° 1, 2000, pp 117-123. Henri Berliocchi, University Paris-Nord, France.
The white hole formation: Consequence of the disappearance of the matter in the space-time. (Unpublished)
Rolland R. Conte ,Yves Lasne, Henri Berliocchi,

Contrary to the criticism appeared here and there since the publication of the books "Theory of High Dilutions", official publications of various articles related to works done by Y. Lasne alone or in collaboration with other authors have been made at least 10 years before the edition of these books. Have these publications been forgotten by French Speaking researchers, non spotted by the not French-Speaking researchers, or may be forgotten for all other reasons that are in general inside of each of us? Our objective is not to look for an answer, but to offer to every body all sources that can be examined.