From “Einstein’s Theory of Relativity” by Ernst Cassirer (1923. New edition by Dover Publication Inc. New York):

For Newton as for Democritus, matter and space, the full and the void, form for us the ultimate but mutually irreducible elements of the physical world, the fundamental building- stones of all reality, because as equally justified and equally necessary factors, they enter into the highest law of motion taught us by experience.

If we contrast this view with the picture of the world of modern and very recent physics, there results the surprising fact that the latter seems to be again on the road to Descartes, not indeed in content, but certainly in method. It too strives from various sides toward a view in which the dualism of "space" and "matter" is cancelled, in which the two no longer occur as different classes of physical object-concepts. There now appears in the concept of the "field" a new mediating concept between "matter" and "empty space" and this it is which henceforth appears with increasing definiteness as the genuine expression of the physically real since it is the perfect expression of the physical law of action. In this concept of the field, the typical manner of thought of modern physics has gained, from the epistemological standpoint, its sharpest and most distinct expression. There now takes place, starting from electrodynamics, a progressive transformation of the concept of matter.

Already with Faraday, who constructed matter out of “lines of force", there is expressed the view that the field of force cannot depend on matter, but that on the contrary, what we call matter is nothing else than specially distinguished places of this field In the progress of electrodynamics, this view is confirmed and assumes ever more radical expression. The doctrine is carried through more and more of a pure "field-physics", which recognizes neither bare undifferentiated space by itself nor matter by itself subsequently entering into this finished space, but which takes as a basis the intuition of a spatial manifold determined by a certain law and qualified and differentiated according to it. Thus, e.g., there was established by Mie a more general form of electrodynamics on the basis of which it seemed possible to construct matter out of the field. The concept of a substance existing along with the electro-magnetic field seemed unnecessary in this approach; according to the new conception, the field no longer requires for its existence matter as its bearer, but matter is considered and treated, on the contrary, as an "outgrowth of the field." It is the last consequence of this type of thought that is drawn by the theory of relativity. For it, too, the real difference finally disappears between an "empty" space and a space-filling substance, whether one calls this matter or ether, since it includes both moments in one and the same act of methodic determination. The "riddle of weight" is revealed to us, according to the fundamental thought of Einstein's theory of gravitation, in the consideration and analysis of the inner relations of measurement of the four dimensional space-time manifold.

For René Philippe Halm in “Comprendre l’Homéopathie Actualité et modernité de la recherche fondamentale”, Octobre 2000 : "The fields have their own reality and can be studied without referring to the material bodies that generate them... That amounts to admitting that some physico - chemical phenomena are at times out of the world of the material objects”.

Editor’s note: Within the context of the quantum relativistic fields it is non only possible but also logical to imagine that information may be transmitted from the matter to the living through a non material way, at a purely “energetic” level. This proposition is perfectly acceptable facing the modern physics.

The aphorism 289 of the Organon (4 ème édition, traduction de l’Allemand par le Docteur A. J. L. Jourdan, Editeur O.E.I.L. Paris 1986) completes this proposition: “Any part of our body that possesses the sens of touch is also likely to receive the medicine imprint and to propagate it to the other parts.

As mentionned by R. Cannenpasse-Riffard dans “Biologie, Médecine et Physique QUANTIQUE”, Marco Pietteur , Resurgence1997:

"Theoretically, all macroscopic object, trees, metals, etc... possesses a wavelength although it is too small to be observable. The wavelength associated to macroscopic objects is necessarily infinitesimal since according to the formula proposed by Louis de Broglie Lambda = h/p ( Lambda = wavelength, h: Planck’s constant, p: quantity of movement that means the product of the mass by the speed) p is extremely large, so that the undulatory aspect of their movement is indecelable. In principle, nothing prohibited us from describing our body by an associated wave. But since its mass is high compared to the one of the atom, its wavelength is infinitesimal, of the dimension of an atom nucleus (much lower than 100 nano meters that is to say much lower than10-7 meter and has, consequently, a very high frequency: higher than 3000 Tera hertz that is to say higher than 3.1015hertz). Nevertheless we are quantum beings crossed by multiple radiations and particles" .

Broadly speaking, it is known that the living and the inert are linked by the same components of matter: neutrons, protons and electrons. Only protons and electrons are immortal particles. The electrons born in a continuous way in the universe as the time goes by, by the disappearance of the neutrons according to the very known reaction:

Neutron -> proton + electron + anti-neutrino

As recalled by R. Cannenpasse-Riffard: ” It’s the electrons that form the electronic cortege of the nucleus in each of the atoms of our cells in which all structures, links and chemical reactions are animated by the exchanges of these same electrons whose mechanisms are matter for the quantum mechanics... The electron is in fact the animator and the constructor of everything that are living. In particular it structures the long spiral of the DNA molecule".

Communication and more especially the information exchanges between an homoeopathic remedy and a living organism happen at the electron level, electrons put in evidence by liquid scintillation spectrometry by the authors of the Theory of High Dilutions, in the homoeopathic products as well as in the living.

It is why these authors have modelized by the theory of the relativistic quantum fields the homoeopathic medicines as well as their interaction with the living (men, animals, plants). Works presented as early as 1993 in the various publications are mentioned in this retrospective.